About Our Church


To worship God and preserve the true Malankara (Indian) Orthodox faith and traditions, and promote spiritual, social, and emotional well-being among its members as well as with the community through Christian love.


In the sunshine state of Florida, a group of Orthodox believers living in the Tampa Bay area started a congregation of November 5, 1989 in the name of St. Gregorios of Parumala. Rev. Fr. George Paulose was appointed as the Vicar of this Parish on November 5, 1990. Under his leadership, the Church began to grow. An acre of land and building was purchased in May 1994. The foundation was laid for a new Church Building on January 1, 1995.

On August 16, 1997 the newly built church was dedicated to the glory of God by His Grace Thomas Mar Makarios and by His Grace Mathew Mar Barnabas. Currently, we have 42 subscribing members.

As the century drew to a close, focus was turned onto the state and region. St. Gregorios, Tampa brought together the churches in Atlanta, Orlando, and South Florida and fully established the Southeast Region. Since then, annual Southeastern Family Conferences are conducted and numerous MGOCSM events are planned involving all the churches in the region.

In the summer of 2004, the next step of the future growth of the church began. The purchase of 5 acres of land located in central Hillsborough County, just outside Temple Terrace near I-75 and Fowler Ave., will be the focal point of the church in the coming years. We ask for your prayers and support, financial and emotional, during our time of growth. This fast progression, all in less than 10 years since the purchase of our current property, is a sure sign of St. Gregorios Tampa’s future in the American Diocese and it’s stance among the most respected, and fastest growing churches in the diocese.

Group Picture on our new 5 acre property (click image to see full-size image)

We started our plan to construct the new church in 2008-2009 and we were glad to complete the church construction in 2012 and on August 11th we moved to the new church property on Jefferson Street. We held the first Holy Qurbana at the new church on August 12th under the efficient leadership of Fr. George Paulose and his dedicated team headed by the Building Committee Convener John Jacob. This could not have been done without the financial support and efforts of our parishioners and friends. The new Church’s opening ceremony is scheduled for the end of October, 2012.